Most Viewed News Stories of 2010

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You’ll by and large ensure that certain types of health news stories are going to make WebMD’s most prevalent list: a major review, an weak celebrity. But there are always some shocks. Many specialists couldn’t even recognize the side effects of whooping cough when it hit California with its worst scourge in more than 50 a long time. At a time when we are talking about fighting weight, a story around so-called “extreme” restaurant suppers is amazingly popular. 

Here are WebMD’s most-read news stories in 2010:

1. Children’s Medications Recalls

There were numerous reviews of adult Tylenol products due to a musty scent this year, and the FDA is expected to issue modern usage rules on acetaminophen (the pain reliever found in Tylenol and many over-the-counter and prescription drugs). But the most viewed story of the year showed where our hearts really are: Our children. Forty-three child and infant items — including children’s Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, and Benadryl — were reviewed since of manufacturing problems that driven to inaccurate sums of the products’ active ingredients, or indeed the risk of tiny particles. Luckily, no wounds or deaths were reported.                                  

2. Pancreatic Cancer Connected to Soft drinks?

Soda shot into the features once more when a think about claimed that drinking as little as two soft drinks a week may about twofold your chance for pancreatic cancer. The think about showed an affiliation between the two, meaning there’s not a clear cause and impact. The beverage industry strongly protested, calling the investigate flawed.

3. Michael Douglas’ Throat Cancer

Most individuals know who Michael Douglas is, but not numerous know around throat cancer. When the on-screen character was analyzed with a late arrange of the disease, readers wanted to find out about the cancer and its side effects and to urge a sense of Douglas’ treatment and chance of recuperation. It is one of those stories, as is so regularly the case with celebrities, that combines interest and caring.

4. Best Sunscreens: A Customer Reports Positioning

This story came out just as summer was drawing closer, and it appeared that perusers need to enough secure themselves from the sun and watch out of their skin. The FDA has been promising to finalize a unused rating system for sunscreens, but they have however to discharge it. Meanwhile, readers have been turning to other sources for direction.

5. Bunch Warns of ‘Extreme’ Restaurant Suppers

Among Americans, it has continuously appeared that bigger is superior, whether it comes to cars, houses, or dinners. As for the final, we know that’s cleared out us with an weight crisis. But even as we go to littler cars and houses, it doesn’t appear to be so with food. This story takes the term “super-size” to a modern level, highlighting restaurant meals that heap on sufficient calories and fat to cause one buyer advocate to call a Enormous Mac “downright dainty.” Clearly many people still crave downright greedy suppers, but as the ubiquity of this story confirms to, they too like to perused around them.

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