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~19 min
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310 mm x 310mm x 140mm
485 g
240 minutes
500 meters
7.4 V 1800mAh 25C Li Po
MJX 4018 FPV
MJX Bugs 3
MJX is one of the top notch producers and manufacturers of drones. The MJX BUGS 3 is the latest drone released by Mei Jia Xin Toys (MJX). The drone has managed to grab a lot of attention by customers and is considered to be an exceptionally incredible advanced entry level drone. It blends performance, cost, and quality all in one.



  • It has a flying time of 19 minutes which is supported by a high capacity battery of 1800mAh and needs a voltage of 7.4V. It sufficiently helps in capturing the aerial shots in required frame of time.
  • The drone is designed with two goals in mind that include it as ready-to-fly FPV racer and other allowing it to be an entry level drone allowing great aerial photography.
  • The ready-to-fly drone is a perfect to catch incredible aerial shots and all it takes is not more than 5 minutes to launch the same into the skies. Now, as you have been waiting, let us go into the details of how it can be used, what are the features, review about the same and everything you want to know.

Brushless Motors RC Drone with Waterproof Carrying Backpack Case-MJX Bugs 3 Brushless Drones Set, 300Meters Control Distance, 15 Mins Flying Time RTF Drone Gopro for Drone Racing

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  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR with a Backpack set: Advanced motor technology facilitates low friction between motor parts, thus reducing heat production. Therefore, extremely durable and energy-efficient allowing longer battery life of 50% or more compared to conventional motors. With a backpack which is lighter, more practical, more suitable for your outdoor sports.
  • 2.4GHZ TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Novel two-way 2.4GHZ transmitter enhances drone response and control. High operating range of 300-500 meters for an adrenaline-rushing experience.
  • HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY (included): With High capacity 1800 mAh of power you can expect flights of 15-18 minutes on a single charge. The flight time depends on a number of external factors.
  • ACTION CAMERA SLOT: ACTION CAMERA SLOT: By attaching your own action cameras to capture HD images/videos and record your family activities for lasting cozy memories.
  • Smart Remote Control Alarm Function: The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once it's in low voltage and also will make an audible sound once the signal is weak, your drone is always under control, it will remind you to take action immediately to avoid unnecessary loss.



Are you excited to know what is included in the package?

  • The Quad copter
  • 2 sets of Propellers
  • 7.4V Battery Charger
  • 4 Landing Gear Arms
  • Camera Mount

  • Screwdriver
  • 7.4V 1800mAh Battery
  • Remote Transmitter
  • USB Charging Cables
  • User Manual

It does not take a decade to assemble the drone before we set it free in the sky to capture awesome aerial images. Here are the steps to assemble the drone right from the kit:


Start with attaching all the landing gears appropriately with the help of screw driver. It is easy and all you have to do is read the user manual for the same.


In order to give your drone and the blade maximum protection, as a first time user you can use blade protecting frames.


The back side of the propeller has A, B, lock and unlock logo marked which makes the installation of the propellers easy.


Connect the camera by taking care of the camera slot on the drone. Make sure the battery is working fine.

Note: If you are a pro, it is not essential to use the drone blade protection but for beginners, it is highly recommended. Being a new user there are high chances that the drone will crash a few times. The propellers can break when it crashed on something hard and using a drone protection system ensures it is safe.

Reading the user manual is very important and helps a lot in assembling the components of the drone.


Design and Motor

The MJX Bugs 3 is an affordable advanced entry level drone. I have used the same for taking some amateur aerial photographs and found it one of the most efficient in terms of practice. The quality is good and it is a great buy for novice starting with the learning process of aerial shots. The main body is made of pure nylon fiber and the overall structure gives super stable integrity.

It is equipped with an MT1806 powerful brushless motor of 1800Kv which happens to be performance oriented and best quality brushless motor. It weighs only 230g. It has a bright white LED light on the nose which enables capturing images in low light condition. The LED lights can help in an orientation which is aided by four lights located under motor arms.



The drone comes with a controller with a joystick and it is very convenient to control the motion with help of the smart remote control system. It includes a smart remote control alarm function which ensures the drone is always safe. The transmitter buzzer receives the status of drone voltage and if the drone is low in voltage, a beep sound will be sent out. When the remote control signal is weak, a sound is generated which helps in instantly bringing back the drone.

The controller runs on AA batteries and it can be purchased from anywhere since it is not included in the pack. The drone can be controlled using the joystick and it helps in its rotation in all the directions. There is a 360°C rotation button on the transmitter and with help of moving the joystick in forward/backward or left/right position, 3D flips and rolls can be performed.


2.4G Frequency Technology and Camera

The drone includes 6-axis flight control system which ensures the stability of the flight. The system is adopted with 2.4GHz frequency technology which enables the drone to fly along any kind of interference. The 2.4GHz is resistant to all forms of signal interference and is more responsive. It does not consume much power and can be operated at longer ranges of typically 300 to 500 meters.

The drone comes with camera holder that helps in mounting GoPro and Xiaomi Xiaoyi motion camera. It is integrated even with stable cloud service which helps in providing smooth images with ease.


Battery and Accessory Features

The drone supports a high capacity battery of 7.4V 1800mAh which has to charge and discharging management function. The battery is equipped with high energy cell which provides enough power for the drone.

The battery is able to support a maximum flying time of around 18 to 19 minutes. With such a good time, it can be easily used to capture some great shots. It has in-built automatic and high-temperature lock protection system. The ESCs system is backed by a Li-polymer battery of 2S-3S capacity.



The camera that is equipped in the drone is a basic one but it is enough for amateur and beginners. The camera is great for fun purpose and is an average one. However, additional accessories can be used which includes – C4000 HD Sports Camera and C4022 panoramic camera. The former can be remotely controlled with help of the transmitter and has both power and shutter buttons on it.

For me, using this product was a great experience as a beginner and it makes a great choice for people learning the art of taking aerial shots. The drone is perfect for both FPV flying and aerial photography which can be done by adding many accessories. It is affordable and great as the first buy. Make sure you use protection gears, in the beginning, to avoid damaging the blades and propellers. Get used to the drone.


Pros and cons

  • Incredible choice for beginners
  • Affordable for brushless type
  • Serves dual purpose as sports flier and aerial photography
  • Includes LED lights for night vision
  • Decent flight time and battery capacity
  • Great performance and stability
  • Multiple accessories available

  • Design is not very attractive
  • Flight modes are limited
  • Little noisy with background noise

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The MJX Bugs 3 is the latest drone released by Mei Jia Xin Toys (MJX). It blends performance, cost, and quality all in one.

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