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~25 min
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14.6 x 5.5 x 14.6 inches
3.1 pounds
120 minutes
500 meters
5300mah Li-Po
16 MP

The AEE-AP9 drone is manufactured with the latest AEE technology and is suitable as the perfect entry-level drone. AEE is known for its reliable and advanced technology integration for development of the efficient product. It is available at an unmatched price and brings to you the privilege of high-end aerial photography, both for amateurs and professionals. It is loaded with great features and is enabled with GPS for better geographical tagging.

AEE Technology AP9 GPS Drone Quadcopter Aircraft System for AEE S-Series and GoPro Action Cameras (White)

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  • Camera Mount Capability (No Camera Included) GPS auto stability semi-autonomous flight (Automatic position hold and hover), maximum flight range of 500 meters.
  • 10 inch propellers for maximum flight stability and maneuverability, 44 MPH maximum speed, 22 - 33 MPH cruising velocity, all weather body for light to medium rain and snow, Class 4 wind resistance rating.
  • 5300 mAh intelligent LiPo battery for up to 25 minute flying time, fail safe protocol with auto return home feature (returns to takeoff point).
  • Compatible with AEE S-Series and GoPro HERO action Cameras (Camera Not Included). Mini-B USB input for hassle free firmware updates.
  • Not intended for children under 18 years of age.


  • It is a recommended entry-level drone that is enabled with GPS function. You don’t have to worry about losing track of the drone. It includes a GPS guided auto return home function that can be activated from the transmitter and ensures safe, automatic return and landing of the drone.
  • It includes a 5300mAh lithium battery made of Li-Po that gives a flying time of around 25 minutes after full charge.
  • The body is strong and designed in a way that it is resistant to light or medium rain snow, and the wind hence can be used in mild bad weather condition.
  • It incorporates the AEE technology and is perfect for entry level as well as professional users, available at an affordable price comparatively.


So, what’s included in the package?

  • AP CAM AP9 drone with S40 Pro 1080p camera
  • 8-channel transmitter
  • Battery charger
  • Flight battery
  • 4 number of AA batteries
  • Action Camera Mount
  • 2 number of 10″ propeller set
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual

Using and Assembling the Drone:

  1. It is very easy to assemble the parts by simply reading the user manual. The parts are separately placed in the box and need to be fixed together to make the drone operational.
  2. Take out the drone body and insert the rotors or propellers on the four corners of the drone which helps the drone to fly.
  3. The battery is detachable and can be inserted into the back of the drone. It has an indicator as well which helps to check the battery level.
  4. Underneath the drone, there is a camera mounting space that is universal for GoPro as well as Action Cam included with the package. Connect the drone with the transmitter and activate it. It is important to calibrate the drone before actually starting to fly it. The transmitter is GPS enables and helps in controlling the drone after calibration and activation.

Note – You can make the drone and propeller wear drone protector if you are a new user to avoid damage when it crashes. It is normal for new users to crash the drones.

Ready-to-Fly Technology and Elaborative Design

The entry to professional level AP9 drone is constructed with the integration of popular AEE technology that makes way for brilliant and vivacious aerial shots. The drone is ready to fly device that comes paired with 1080p action Cam S40 Pro and mount for the static camera. The action cam can only take videos but is able to click photos up to 16MP. It is able to steadily capture 8 images per second with its in-built burst mode.

The drone can be easily controlled with the 8-channel transmitter that has a frequency of 2.4GHz and bound to the aircraft already. It gives a range of up to 1,600 line –of – sight. It is a great device and gives brilliant aerial shots with a flying range of around 500 meters. It is manufactured with the integration of aerodynamic design and it is prior tested for use in wind tunnels to test the stability. It is incorporated with LED lights which illuminate the flight and helps in keeping a check of the drone orientation.

GPS enabled Drone and highly stable

It is enabled with GPS Auto Return Home features and it does not let the drone get too far from your sight. With one press from the transmitter, the drone comes back and lands safety and hence eliminates the possibility of losing it. It is integrated with GPS based transmitter, a sensor for barometric pressure, a 3D compass for direction finding and 6-axis gyro which helps the drone to find the right direction. It helps in building stability while flying the drone to capture aerial shots.

It is compatible for use with various types of action camera apart from the one included in the package. It can be used with GoPro Hero Action camera. It is definitely a great buy for high-end brilliant photography.

Battery and Other Features

It is supported by 4 number of AA battery of 5300mAh capacity made of Lithium-polymer. It requires a charge time of around 2 hours and gives an operational time of 25 minutes. A low battery alert is sent out when the battery is critically low. It can fly up to a range of 500 meters and comes with a memory of 64GB SD card. The capacity of the Action Cam is around 1250mAh and can operate up to 3 hours.

It is designed in a way that its resistance to mild weather conditions like rain and snow. It has level 4 wind resistance systems. It includes 10 inches of propellers for maintaining flight stability and can be operated at a maximum speed of 44 MPH and cruising velocity of 22 – 23 MPH.


Pros and cons

  • It is a great entry level drone with inbuilt action camera.
  • Integration of GPS enables a return to home feature to bring back drone when out of sight.
  • Charging time required is less and is only 2 hours.
  • Is compatible with Hero Action Cam and others.
  • Level 4 Resistance to the wind and to mild snow and rain.
  • LED lights illuminate the drone when in use.

  • The user manual is not very crisp and requires detailed instruction.
  • Battery drains quickly as complained by few customers.

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AEE-AP9 is available at an unmatched price and brings to you the privilege of high-end aerial photography, both for amateurs and professionals. It is loaded with great features and is enabled with GPS for better geographical tagging.

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