Half of Americans Want Swine Flu Shots

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Sept. 23, 2009 – Half of American grown-ups say they’ll get the modern H1N1 swine flu vaccine, a RAND survey appears.

The Internet-based study of a broadly agent board of 2,067 U.S. grown-ups took place in early June.

At that time, 49.6% of those overviewed said they were likely to induce the H1N1 swine flu antibody. If they do, it means nearly 115 million U.S. grown-ups will seek the immunization when it gets to be available.

Individuals who get their yearly flu shots were more likely than others to acknowledge the modern vaccine, found RAND Corp. analysts Jurgen Maurer, PhD, and colleagues.

In any case, those ages 18-49 and 50-64 said they were more likely to induce the unused antibody than to urge their seasonal flu shot. Those over 65 said they were less likely to seek the unused immunization than the seasonal vaccine.

In general, Americans appear more likely to look for a swine flu shot than to get their seasonal flu vaccination.

But does that cruel the glass is half full or half purge? The study recommends that more than half of Americans will not need a shot — indeed if there’s bounty of vaccine to go around.

“Our findings … caution against taking high uptake rates for a potential novel H1N1 vaccine for allowed,” Maurer and colleagues warn. “Accomplishing tall rates of take-up of novel H1N1 vaccine will likely require a very aggressive and culturally fitting public data campaign and strong suggestions from wellbeing care suppliers.”

The overview discoveries appear within the September issue of the diary Vaccine.

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